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 Year Collection  

Year set is the name given to a collection of coins where a coin for each year of production is represented.  For example, in the Lincoln Cent series, you would need only a single coin for each year to complete a collection.  This method of collecting provides the coin collector a more economical method of collection. Using the Lincoln Series again as an example, collecting one coin for each year avoids the cost of acquiring a 1909 S VDB coin.  Instead, 1 1909 P coin will suffice.   

Year Set  

A year set is a set of coins from the same year.  For example, you could create a set of coins from 1954 and include a penny/cent, nickel, dime, quarter and half dollar.  You could further refine this year set to be all "P" or all "D" or all "S".  Additionally, you could make this set of all circulated coins or uncirculated coins.  You can also purchase year/mint sets that are specially created by the mint.