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Additional grading descriptor that describes the reflective appearance of a coin.  Often used in grading Mint State Morgan Dollars  

Carbon Spot  

A carbon spot is a small spot of corrosion or oxidation on a coin caused by a spot of moisture.  They are sometimes dark/black spots  


Cartwheel is a slang term for a large American silver dollar coin, usually a Morgan Dollar.

Cartwheel Effect  

 A term used to describe the dazzling, rotating windmill like effect of light on a mint state coin when held up to light at a certain angle.   Although the effect can be seen on most mint state coins, it is best known for appearing on Morgan Dollars. The cartwheel effect is caused by flow lines that occur during the coin striking process and will diminish as the coin is circulated or if the coin is cleaned.

Cast Coins  

Coins that were made by pouring molten metal into a mold rather than the method of striking design on a piece of metal.  

Certified Coin  

A coin that has been authenticated and graded by an independent professional grading service.  The graded coin will be slabbed, or encapsulated in a protective container.  

Cherry Picked or Cherry Picker  

A person who picks only the best coins out of a hoard, accumulation or roll of coins.  the person will then generally keep the best and get rid of the rest.  

Chop Marks  

Generally associated with the Trade Dollar.  A chop mark is the mark left by a merchant after accepting a trade dollar.  It was an attempt to validate the silver content of the coins 


Used to describe coins made from 1965 to present.  Prior to 1965, the dime, quarter and half dollar were 90% silver.  Beginning in 1965, these coins were made from a copper-nickel alloy for the outside.  These were bonded to a copper core.  

Civil War Tokens  

During the Civil War, coins were scarce, so private individuals began making thier own coins.  They were similar in size and shape to the existing coins of the time.    


Term used to describe rust or similar unsightly damage on the surface of a coin.  Sometimes caused by a chemical reaction.  Most prevalent on 1943 steel cents.  Also on some coins will appear as a green substance, mostly on copper coins.