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A planchet is a blank piece of metal that will be stamped into a coin.  It as the proper size and weight of a finished coin but lacks the design.  


Poly-Vinyl Chloride, a somewhat active chemical found in some types of plastic coin flips. PVC will cause some coins to tone or turn green over time. The effect is negligible on silver or gold coins (and removable), but PVC has been known to wreak havoc on copper, and to a lesser extent nickel coins, especially if the coins have been stored in warm or damp places over long periods of time. (See "Flip"). A chemical (polyvinyl chloride) used in come coin flips to keep the plastic soft and pliable. PVC can break down and leave slimy film on the coin. PVC flips were largely discontinued in the early 1980s, when its chemical reactivity was first realized.